Ventura is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status, focused on connecting donors with high-impact social projects for women and children in Venezuela in the areas of education, health, and entrepreneurship.


Build a society in which more women and
children can overcome poverty.


Connect donors with high-impact social projects and manage their execution in order to alleviate poverty and promote the self-sufficiency of women and children in Venezuela.


Gabriela and Denys met in 1995 while studying Economics at the Andrés Bello Catholic University in Venezuela. In collaboration with other classmates, they founded and led the group of volunteers of the School of Economics (VEC) to support the community of La Vega, one of the most populated low-income/shanty towns areas of Caracas. The VEC developed and executed several successful programs: preparing high school students for standardized test required to enter college, academic leveling of children out-of-school children, sports programs, among others.

That was the seed...

Over the years, Gaby and Denys have continued to share their vocation by supporting Venezuelan NGOs remotely. Despite having emigrated from Venezuela more than 15 years ago, and living in different cities since then, they have maintained a strong bond grounded on their shared wish to help their country. Finally, in July 2021, this wish materialized with the decision to create Ventura to connect donors with social projects in Venezuela.

Ventura started with a vision to help people in need and a dream to make it a reality. It is the avenue that Gaby and Denys have found to be able to “go back home” while leveraging their experience abroad. They strongly believe that helping women and children is key to build a better future for Venezuela.

Ventura starts with a dream and the ultimate conviction that by elevating women and children a better future for Venezuela IS POSSIBLE.